The form builder allows users to generate their own custom forms directly through the system settings.

How to access

1. Log in as a user with the system admin role.
2. Select the settings button.
3. Click the other options tab.
4. Click Form Builder.

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Click the green plus button to create a new form.

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Once in the form builder, you will be able to create multiple different form types to integrate into your site.

Available forms

Observation forms (Asap/HIBstervention)

Additional Forms (Student absense plan for sap) (Asap)

Sap Teacher Referrals (Asap)

Prereferral Additional Documents (HIBstervention)

Child Study Team Evaluation (HIBstervention)

Parent Approval Observations (Asap/HIBstervention)

Available Controls

Checkbox groups

Date Fields



Radio button groups

Dropdown lists

Text Fields

Text Areas

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Once the forms are created, it will be available in their corresponding areas as an option.

Default forms can also be set in the system settings.

Once a plan is created, it cannot be edited to avoid losing user data.
The form may look different in the production page.