Approved: Means it is being taken to the board or already has been taken to the board


Open: Open means the investigation is currently being investigated and if it isn't in my incidents tab that means it is assigned to someone else and they are doing the investigation.


Closed: This means the school has completed their investigation and should have assigned the incident to the Superintendent. 


Pending: This means a incident has been put through using the reporting form and is in the waiting process to be accepted or a prescreen needs to be started. This will alert the School Principal (School Admin role) and the HIB Specialist.


 Pend Accepted: This mean and incident that was in the pending’s tab has now been accepted and the incident is in someone my incidents tab and if it isn't assigned to you then you will see it in the open tab. 


Pend. Rejected: This means an incident that was put in through the reporting form and was once in the pending tab has been rejected and not investigated. 



Pending CoC, Pend. CoC Accepted, Pend. CoC Rejected: These all mean the same thing has above, but they are for a code of conduct. 



Pend. Pre-Screens: This means an incident was put in using the reporting form and they hit the create prescreen and they are currently working on it. This also works if they hit the orange plus sign to add a prescreen manually. 


Accepted Pre-Screens: This means they created a prescreen through the pending tab or orange plus sign and decided to investigate so it would now be in someone's My incidents tab if not assigned to you then you will see it in the open tab. 


Rej. Pre-Screens: This means someone created a prescreen from the pending tab or with the orange plus sign and is waiting on the Superintendent to approve the rejected prescreen which means they decided not to investigate the incident and believe it was not a HIB. 


Rejected Pre-Screens: This means the Superintendent has approved the rejected prescreen that the person believed is not a HIB.