1. Verbal report is made to principal

2. Principal launches investigation

3. Staff member fills out electronic form immediately (By law they technically have two days but we recommend it be completed right away)

4. Principal contacts parents and/or guardians of alleged targets and alleged offenders

5. Principal then logs in to HIBster, approves 'pending incident' (assuming staff member filled out form). Once incident is approved, principal makes sure all victims and aggressors are added under the 'General' tab, and then goes to the 'Action tab' and adds initial parent contact.

6. Once completed, Principal then returns to the 'General tab' and assigns incident to the ABS

7. ABS then fills out 'General, Classification, Location, Witnesses & Evidence, Motivation, Additional Info, Executive Summary, Conclusions, Justification, and Tasks

8. Once those tabs are filled out and investigation is completed, ABS returns back to the 'General tab' and assigns it back to the Principal.

9. Once Principal receives back incident, they review information, fill out the 'Action tab', fill out the 'Tasks tab', and then go to the 'Conclusions tab'. Assuming they agree with everything, the Principal will 'Close' the incident underneath the 'Conclusions tab'. Once they close the incident, they will be prompted to immediately reassign. At this point, the Principal will then assign to the Superintendent or Superintendent designee.

10. Superintendent will receive the incident, and review it

11. Once review is complete, Superintendent will go to the 'Conclusions Tab' and 'Approve' the incident

12. Once approved, it must be presented at next nearest board meeting.