For record keeping purposes and creating a plan, this page allows the SAP coordinator to complete both. The page looks like this and the SAP coordinator can type in a narrative and hit the Save and Continue and/or Save and Close button at the bottom. If the team creates a specific intervention, you may open the Download Blank SAP Document tab.

Opening that tab, will provide you with a customized word document that can provided any staff members with interventions the SAP team is recommending. Additionally, anything you type in the SAP Team Recommendation box will appear on the form as well. You may use the form that comes with the system or upload your own blank SAP document. Ours looks like this:

List student's strengths and/or assets (e.g., leadership, artistic talent, technical Skills):  

Identify the priority area of concern (Academic, Behavior, Health, and Attendance):

Brainstorm possible interventions:

Choose appropriate strategies identified from above to incorporate into the Action Plan:

 NOTE:  You may customize your own plan or open up the red folder icon in the top menu bar to find samples of other plans.