Each staff member in your school has the capability of creating a student referral to the school’s SAP team.  The EDS support team will supply you with a temporary login information. 

Creating a SAP student referral

There are two logins for this program – one for a staff member to make an initial referral to the SAP team and one for the district’s SAP coordinator. However, the URL for this program is pa.hibster.com is the same for both.  There are multiple roles, All roles can submit to the SAP Team. The SAP Teacher Role is the one for teachers.

Type pa.hibster.com into your search bar at the top (Chrome works best).

Once you type pa.hibster.com into the search bar, hit enter. Your screen should look like this:

To login:

1. Enter a username and the corresponding password in the text boxes located in the center of the screen.

2. Click the Submit button.

3. If the username and password were correct, users will be directed to the Manage Your SAP Referral page.

4. If this is your first time logging in, the user will be directed to a page where you will need to accept the user license agreement. The user will then be required to change their password to a password of their choice. Hit ENTER and your screen should look like this for a staff referral (SAP coordinator page will look different and we will get to that soon). This will take you to the Manage Your SAP Referrals page. 

As a staff member, you will see there are 4 parts to your page:

1. Create SAP Referral – allows you to create and submit a student referral to the SAP Team

2. My SAP Referrals – allows you to begin a referral for possible later submission

3. My Submitted Referrals – keeps a history of submitted referrals from you to the SAP Team Allows you to see SAP plans you referred in progress.My Submitted Referrals – keeps a history of submitted referrals from you to the SAP Team Allows you to see SAP plans you referred in progress.

4. My Observation Requests  - when the SAP team requests an observation to be completed by you, an email will be sent to you.  You simply login into the system and hit this tab to complete the observation request.  Or you can access it through your messages.

REVIEW/SUMMARY of each tab:

Create SAP Referral Tab:

When you would like to submit a referral to the SAP Team, you can do it all from your computer/laptop/phone.  After logging into the system, hit the Create SAP Referral Tab.  Your page should look like this:

Notice there are two tabs:  General and Documents

First, though, you must enter the student name and school.  Click on the student icon  This screen will appear:

Hit the search button and a list of students from your school will appear.  Click on the student you wish to create a referral for.  Or you can add the name of the student and hit search and that student’s name will appear.

After clicking on that student’s name, this screen will appear: 

Now, click on school and a list of schools within your district will appear.  Click on the school where the student attends and then hit the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page.

This screen will now appear.  You can see the referral form is now available for you to complete.  Scroll through the page and click on the items that you want the referral to contain.

You can also add information at the bottom of the referral.   When completed, hit the Save and Continue tab again.

Looking back at the top of the page – you can also submit a short narrative in the Additional Information box.  As always, since this is a school record, be clear, concise and professional in your comments!

If you would like to upload documents (writing or art samples) to the initial referral, click on the Documents tab.  This screen will appear:

Click on the green plus icon  to start the process of uploading a document from your computer.  Your screen will look like this:

Now, you can click on the Choose File button and find the file you want to upload.  Hit the Save and Close button when completed.

You are now ready to submit your SAP referral to the SAP team.  You may hit the Submit button – located at the bottom of the screen - now or click on the General tab and submit it from here as well.

Once you click on the Submit button, your screen will look like this:

Your initial referral has successfully been sent to the SAP coordinator/team.  You can now click on the Close button in the middle of the screen.  Congrats!

If you want to log out of the system, click on the logout icon in the top margin.  It looks like this .