How Auto Upload User Integration Works

a file containing user information is created. 

That file is then sent to EDS using a method called SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). 

After the file is successfully transferred to the EDS server, the User data from that file will auto-populate within EDS’s various modules ( HIBsterVention, aSAP, etc.).

The user data file must be formatted in a specific manner. If is isn't, the User data will be processed incorrectly or not at all, resulting in user data that is missing, incomplete or corrupted.

Please follow the below instructions to make sure all user data is transferred without incident.

Format the file

The first step in the process is properly formatting the user data file.

The file must be saved in the proper format. In this case, you should use a comma delimiter.

The file must also include the User information requested by EDS; the particular requirements are listed in the following section.

Required Fields

The following fields must be included in the file — and in the exact order shown.

Each field below must be used as column headers on the file. Otherwise, when the file is processed, the first student course listed will be processed as the column header and that student will not be included in the database..

If no data is available for a given field, that field must still be accounted for by using a blank space. If a field is skipped entirely, the data will not import into the database correctly, causing errors (most notably, data will be imported into the wrong fields; for example: Password will display as Username, etc.).

Things to consider

Using the user upload, only users included in the list will be able to log in.

1. If a user is not included after they were previously added, They will be disabled until they are added again.
2. If a new user is added to the list, They will be added.
3. If there is an existing users and roles or schools are changed, they will be reflected in the system.

Please include all the following headers:

'|' Delimited),
School Ids (Your School Ids, '|' Delimited),
SIS_ID (ID used to link to schools),
SSO_Username (Username Used to sign into your system.)
Is_Enabled (True or False)
Send_Credentials_For_New Accounts (True or False)
User_Type (Use “School Staff”)

Transfer users data file

Like the Student Information Transfer, Add the directory "Users" into the root directory.