How Clever Zap Integration Works

Using Clever Zap, a file containing student demographic information is created. 

That file is then sent to EDS using a method called SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

After the file is successfully transferred to the EDS server, the student data from that file will auto-populate within EDS’s various modules (HIBster, HIBsterVention, aSAP, etc.).

The student data file must be formatted in a specific manner. If is isn't, the student data will be processed incorrectly or not at all, resulting in student data that is missing, incomplete or corrupted.

Please follow the below instructions to make sure all student data is transferred without incident.

Format the file

The first step in the process is properly formatting the student data file.

Use Clever Zap Default files and place them in to the correspondence directories 

1) Place the student file in the Root directory.

2) Place the section file in the /CourseInformation directory. 

3) Place the enrollment file in the /Enrollment directory. 

Transfer the student data file

Once the file is properly formatted, it should be transferred to EDS using the following instructions: