If you are a Teacher/ SAP Teacher role logging into your account...

Log in to your HIBstervention/ASAP account and you will be directed to  a page with the following field set.


Select My Observations to get access to the Observations page.

If you are any other role logging into your account...

Click on the  at the top right of your screen to get access to the Observations selection page.

Selecting your Observations

The Observation page consists of 2 Tabs, Pending Observations and Complete Observations.

Pending Observations are observations that have not been completed and are ready for you to complete them.

Complete Observations are observations that have been completed and can be reviewed or updated.

Completing your Observation

Once youre in an observation you will see 3 tabs.

General Tab consists of the basic information about the student being observed.

Comments Tab consists of a field where any other additional information about the observation can be documented.

Questionaire Tab consists of the form associated with the type of observation you submitted.

While you're completing your observation. Click on the to save your information and stay on the page or save your information and leave.

If you do not want to save your information and return to the observations page, Click on the  button.

Once you are completed with the observation, Click on the  and the observation submitter will be notified.

If this observation is no longer needed, click on the to remove it from your list.

If you would like a hard copy of your observations to print out and save for your records. Click on the to download the observation.

Observation Forms- PA