Onspire users can be assigned up to four (4) roles while using PD3.

Types of Roles

Course Participant

The Course Participant role allows courses to be assigned to a user. If this role is not assigned, the user will not be able to take any courses.

With very rare exceptions, this role should probably be assigned to all users in PD3.

Course Instructor

The Course Instructor role allows user to assign courses to other users.

Generally, this role should be given to those responsible for assigning courses to staff members in PD3 or students in either C3 or R3 modules.

This role should probably be limited to just a handful of users.

Course Creator

The Course Creator role allows users to create brand-new courses on the PD3 platform and then assign those courses to other users.

Just like with the Course Instructor role, this role should probably be limited to only a few users.

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator role allows the user to schedule live events and assign users to them when using the professional development live events scheduling module.

Adding, Updating and Editing Roles

To update a user's role, go to Settings › Users › and then search an open a user's account.

In the second column, locate the header Curriculum Roles.

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Check or uncheck the boxes next to the desired roles.

Click Save and Close to save the changes.

The user will need to log out and log back in to their account in order for the changes to take place.