See the Log in to Onspire section above to log in.  (Delete the Welcome box, if necessary, to continue.)

To select a course, one option is to click the Menu Bar in the upper right hand corner to purchase a course, or a bundle.  All of the available courses will appear and be listed with a description and a price.  Another, perhaps more efficient method to choose a course, is to type a desired topic, or select a category from a drop-down menu on the left side of the screen; click ‘Search’.  The example below illustrates the chosen category from the drop-down menu, ‘Special Education’, and the course entitled, “Standards-Based IEPs: Determining & Writing Effective Goals”.

Click ‘Purchase Now’.  A new screen appears to enable the user to submit credit card information securely.  Click ‘Complete Order’.

To begin and take the course, follow the instructions provided in the section above, Selecting and Managing a Course (Member of a School District).