Messages:  Displays messages sent from the system. 

My Courses: Lists the courses assigned by a school district, or purchased by an individual user. Upon successful completion, all courses taken remain in the listing.

View Available bundles: Displays existing bundles of courses purchased by a school district.

Onspire Network: Displays a network page to view courses created by educators that are designated to be shared in the system.

Purchase courses and bundles: Displays a search page where courses are listed with a title, description, category, sub-category, and price for purchase.

Settings: Displays a settings screen for administrators; displays a ‘change email’ and ‘change password’ screen for an educator/user.   

Feedback: Displays a screen which enables users to send comments and suggestions to the EDS Support Team. 

Resources: Redirects a user to the Resources page.

Home: Displays a Courses page for a district user; displays a Welcome page for an individual user.

Logout:  Displays a screen with a message confirming if a user wants to completely log out of an account, and states that unsaved changes will be lost when logged out of the system.