Last modified on February 23, 2021

Instructions for working on an I & RS case

(once you have a case, this section will walk you through all the tabs as an I &RS coordinator/team member)


Login to your site and you will all the tabs for each case.  Please know, depending on the complexity of the case, you may need to use all of the tabs or only a few key ones!

General Tab

The General tab houses basic information about the student and the intervention.  This pulls information from your school’s SIS program.  It also assigns a tracking number or you can assign your own case number.


Assigned To:

This is the user currently assigned to the intervention. This user has full access to view and edit the entire intervention.


To assign a new user to the intervention, click the icon of the two people with the orange arrow, select a new user from the list and then click Assign.


Refer buttons

If the intervention should be handled within a more specific area, it can always be designated to that area. Click the Refer buttons — 504 / Health / ELL — to move the intervention that the specified area.


Historical Ratings Tab

The Historical Ratings tab houses all of the intervention history  about the student. All of this data should auto-populate when the intervention is created, but it can always be edited and/or updated.



This tab also lists all pre-referrals associated with the student. Keep in mind, this is all pre-referrals, not just the pre-referral that was submitted to create this intervention. Click any pre-referral listed to view its details and notes. This helps the I&RS team get a broader picture of the student.


The Pre-Referral Ratings tab houses the individual ratings for each Best Practice that were created during the pre-referral process.


During the pre-referral stage, a student will likely be rated on several best practices multiple times. This tab lays out all of those ratings.


Keep in mind that this is not every rating the student has ever received. These are ratings for only the pre-referral that was submitted to create this particular intervention.


Coordinator Tasks Tab

The Coordinator Tasks tab is a list of recommended tasks that I&RS Team should complete for each intervention.  The tasks in the system are recommendations – please follow your established practices and procedures. 


These tasks are completely optional. The I&RS Team is not obligated to complete any of the tasks.


A District Coordinator, District Administrator or Case manager may complete any task for any intervention. An I&RS Team Member may complete any of the Tasks if they are either assigned to the intervention or had been added to the intervention via the Add Staff to I&RS tab.


To complete a task, click on the task.  You will then complete the information in the boxes and click the green plus sign and check off the complete box. Clicking the Save and Close tab will take you back to the Coordinator Task window.   The red circle will now show a green check mark. 


Responsible Staff

This tab allows the I & RS team to send a plan to teachers/staff who have the student in their classes.  Or you can send it to an administrator too.  After opening this tab, you can click on the green plus sign icon and find the staff member you want to send it to.  Just click on the green email envelope

The teacher will receive an email about the incoming I & RS plan.

Staff Signatures

If you district chooses, you can have your staff member – who received an I & RS plan – electronically sign off indicating they received the plan and will implement the plan. 




Parent Approval

The HIBstervention program allows you to contact parents via an email in order to alert them about a possible need for a plan, to send documents to parents and to communicate with them electronically.  Parental permission can also be obtained through electronic signatures. 

Opening this tab will take you to a page where you can the contact information for a parent/guardian.  You can also send out observation forms or other documents as needed.  In this email, you can even send a personal email to the parent/guardian.

Once you complete the initial page, click on the Save and Close tab.  You will be taken to a new page where you can add additional documents.  When completed, hit the send button and the parent will receive the email notification after you click on the green envelope.



The Observation tab allows individual Observations to be assigned to teachers, parents, counselors, nurses — anyone with a HIBsterVention account.


To assign an Observation, click the green plus-button icon in the top-right corner. Select the type of Observation and a user to which the Observation should be assigned. To notify the user that an Observation has been assigned to them, click the green envelope next to the observation.


To compile a summary of all Observations, click the icon of the red folder in the top-right corner.


Create/Edit I&RS Plan

Clicking on this tab will allow you to create an I & RS plan.  Once opened, 4 new tabs will be displayed. 




Determine what type of plan this is. 



There are also areas to add a SMART Goal and Additional Document text.


Additional Document Text

There are also areas to add a SMART Goal and Additional Document text.



If this I&RS Plan has specific deadlines, those may be notated in the Start Date, End Date, Frequency and Duration fields.






This tab includes the problems associated with the plan. The names of the difficulty can vary by plan type. Each of the can be applied to individual or multiple best practices. They will need to be applied when adding them to a plan.

Area(s) of difficulty/Identified Impairment -

Specific Difficulty/Major Life Activity(ies) Substantially Limited-

Description how each specific area of difficulty impacts student/ Describe how each identified impairment substantially limits each identified major life activity-

Image Placeholder

Click on the green plus to add a new specific area for this plan.
Click on the row to edit the specific area.

Image Placeholder



Create/Edit Plan Allows you to create the actual plan and applied individual interventions and best practices to the plan.


The page acts as a display for the best practices involved, By clicking on an individual best practice you can manage individual best practices.


Once the plan is finalized or approved, the plan can no longer be edited and you will need to revise, create an exit plan or an annual plan.


To edit the plan, Select the Select best practice button which will allow you to modify every aspect of the best practice.


To preview the plan and see how it looks, Click the generate plan icon. This will not finalize or approve the plan.



Fields and Controls-

Create/Edit Plan- In order to edit the best practices included in the plan, Click on the Create/Edit button and you will be redirected to the Choose Best Practice page.

Sensitive Checkbox- By checking this off,  the measurable behavior will be removed by the printable plan in the case that there is sensitive information that should not be included for the recipient of the plan.

Cumulative Checkbox- By checking this off, The plan will include a list of the implemented plans based on the existing ratings for the plan instead of just the averages.

(Smart) Goal- Goal to be populated on the document and plan.

 Image Placeholder



By select an individual plan, You will be able to edit what applies to it.


be sure to check off individual users and the areas substantially limited or the areas of difficulty.


Both the Areas of difficulty and assigners are populated for the information in the previous screen. in order to add more assignees or areas of difficulty, Move back to the plan and they will be available to select.


This popup will reflect what is generated on the plan.




Image Placeholder


To rate the plan, Select the rating, Add the experience in a short paragraph and select the green plus button.


Do not hit the save or save and continue, This is to save the areas of difficulty and areas substantially limited.






Services work similar to areas of difficulty but are not applied to individual best practices.


To add additional services, Click the Image Placeholder



Image Placeholder


Once you hit the green plus, a popup box will appear where you can add information on the service.


You can add as many as you need.



Image Placeholder


CONCLUSION:  Once you have completed these 4 tabs, this plan will be saved as a PDF which you can print or send to responsible staff. 



I&RS Ratings

The use of this tab allows the  & RS team to receive feedback after the intervention strategies have been utilized for a period of time.  The I & RS team can also rate the effectiveness of the best practices too. 


The I&RS Ratings tab houses a summary of every Best Practice rating for the entire intervention.


Rather than going to the I&RS Plan tab and clicking into every single Best Practice, the user can come to the I&RS Ratings tab to see all ratings laid out in list form.


Opening this tab will allow the team to see the ratings of each best practice.

Quick Check

The Quick Check tab shows whether a student has improved or declined in a handful of key areas since the start of the intervention.



The Documents tab houses all documents associated with the intervention.  You can also store case specific information here that may originate from a parent/guardian/doctor/behavior specialist/etc.


System Documents

The System Documents area stores common documents needed on a regular basis, like letters sent home to parents or questionnaires.


Uploaded Documents
The Uploaded Documents area stores documents unique to the particular intervention, such as a homework assignment or a note from a teacher.


Case Notes

The Case Notes tab houses any Additional Information or Notes that come up during the investigation that do not have another natural landing spot in HIBsterVention.



The Audit tab houses the automatically generated records of everything done and saved in HIBsterVention. This allows a school district to know exactly what changes were made, when they were made and who made them.