The choose best practices page allows you to create a plan and add new best practices to the corresponding plan.

Level 1- Category of best practice.

Level 2- Type of best practice.

Level 3- Areas of concern or problem to be solved.

Level 4- Best practice to use.

Selecting Best Practice- To select a best practice, Work your way down the best practice tree (Category-> Type-> Area of difficulty -> Best Practice) and choose which practices you would like to implement in your plan. You can add your own if it is not included in the list.

Adding a New Best Practice-  Clicking on the  will bring  a popup which allows you to add best practices at all levels of the tree.

Removing a Best Practice- By clicking on the best practice under the selected best practices fieldset, Click an individual best practice and it will be removed from your list..

Once you have created/Edited your plan, click the Create Plan button at the bottom left.