The General Tab holds all of the basic identifying information for an incident. When creating a new incident record in HIBster, you are required to enter the Date of Incident, Time of Incident, Reported Date, School, and Investigation Type. The incident cannot be saved without this information. 

A Tracking Number will be assigned to your incident automatically once it's been saved. You can also enter your own Custom ID so users within your district can quickly track the incident. The incident is always initially assigned to the user who created it. The current assigned user or the District Coordinator can reassign the incident by clicking the  icon.

Managing Student Information

You will be able to add and edit Victims and Alleged Perpetrators to your incident once it has been saved. Some of this information may already be filled out if your incident was created from an approved pending incident. 

Once the incident has a Tracking Number and you are assigned to it, the  icons over the Victim and Perpetrator areas will become active. Click on one of these to begin adding a student to the incident in a new pop-up window.

Once you have filled out all of the relevant information, you will see multiple options for saving your information. The Save & Add button saves the student once and enables you to enter additional students in the same pop-up window. Save & Continue will save the information while staying on the page of the student you're working on. Save & Close will save the information and close the pop-up so you can return to the incident page. Statements (such as text quotes and evidence files) can be added once the student has been saved to the system.

After a student has been added to the incident, you can open their pop-up window again by clicking on the icon beside their name. This allows you to edit the student's information and add additional statements as they become available to you. Clicking the next to the student's name will prompt you to delete that student from the incident.

If you are a System Admin, District Coordinator, Superintendent, School Admin, or Specialist within HIBster, you will also see a  icon beside the student's name. Clicking on this will open the Student Overview, which gives you a list of every incident where that student has been a Victim, Perpetrator, or Witness.