If an incident that has been Closed by the Building Admin (principal) or Approved by the Superintendent needs to be investigated further, it can be re-opened.

It is important to note that the user assigned to an incident can edit it at any time, regardless of its status (Open, Closed or Approved). However, if the school district would like to officially re-open the incident, that is possible.

Which user can re-open an incident?

Only the Superintendent can re-open the incident.

If other users need an incident re-opened, they must contact any user with the Superintendent role

How should an incident be re-opened?

The user should log into an account with the Superintendent role.

Locate the desired incident and open it.

The Superintendent must be assigned to to the incident. If the incident is assigned to another user, the Superintendent must either:

  • Contact the assigned user and ask that it be re-assigned to the Superintendent
  • Contact the District Coordinator and ask that it be re-assigned to the Superintendent
  • If the Superintendent also has the District Coordinator role, the Superintendent may re-assign the incident themselves
Assuming the incident is properly assigned, the Superintendent should open it to the Conclusions tab.

At the bottom of the page is button labeled Reopen Incident. Click it.

The incident is now officially re-opened.

The Superintendent can now work on the incident or re-assign it to another user to continue the investigation.