Specifically designed to expedite the Student Assistance Program process in Pennsylvania schools, aSAP! is a complete software package that allows district coordinators to efficiently handle the work from initial referral to final state reporting. Some of the highlights included the following:  

  •  Completely electronic – no more paperwork
  • Ability to request/collect observations
  • Able to compile staff observations
  • Can develop SAP team recommendations
  • Ability to assign staff to the SAP process
  • Coordinate with SAP team members through case notes
  • Final submission through PDE Form 4092 to the state
Applicable functions of aSAP! include the submission of initial staff referrals, parent notification, collection of observations, development of an intervention plan and submission of state reports.  Although aSAP! is quite easy to use, it is important that all users have this user guide on hand to use as a reference in the event that a particular function is not completely clear. It is better for users to become familiar with how the system works before they use it for the first time. Jumping in with both feet is possible with this software, but it is better to be prepared with a complete understanding of the program.

As you read through this user guide, you will notice some words are bolded. These words typically highlight a term that is used as a button or link in the program. For example, if the guide instructs you to click Submit, then you should look for a Submit button or link on the screen.

Screenshots throughout this guide are used to illustrate what your screen should look like while using a particular function. They ensure that you are in the correct place in the software. 

Again, thank you for choosing the aSAP! software program to handle all of your SAP procedures.  This manual will highlight the program and walk you through the menu bar and the steps for initial staff referral and the steps a SAP coordinator can complete as well.  If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at 866-315-2306 or support@hibreporting.com.