aSAP! Closing out cases and Preparing Form 4092 for the End of Year Reporting




I.               Introduction


This guide will demonstrate how to utilize the Form 4092 tab, close out student referrals and how to run your end of the year report.  The guide will be divided into these 3 important sections.  If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at



II.             How to use the Form 4092 tab for each student referral


Hopefully, you have used the Form 4092 on each case throughout the year.  Remember, we highly recommend that you start and use this form throughout the year rather than waiting till the end of the year and complete them all.


Form 4092 will pre-populate some of the information from each referral.  When you want to utilize this tab, click on it and the following page will appear:Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

To see what information is pre-populated and to complete the form for each case, click on the Autofill Available Field button.  You will be then directed to read a box.  Please read and if ready, click ok.  You will then notice that some of the information is pre-populated.


Now, just scroll through the Form 4092 for this case and complete each statement.  When you have completed the form, click on the Save and Continue tab.  The information you put in Form 4092 will be saved.  You may now continue to work on this page.


If you are ready to close this case, you can also click on the Approve and End tab at the bottom left of the page. 


The program also creates a bubble sheet of Form 4092 for you as well.  As you input and complete the data in Form 4092, the information will also be saved in a bubble sheet report.  You can open this up, if necessary, by clicking on the Generate Annual PDF.  You now have a paper copy of each case’s Form 4092.


Again, approving and closing out cases is easily done.  First, if you are sure you are ready to close out any specific cases and Form 4092 information is completed for this case, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Approve and End Plan tab.  It is located at the bottom of each case you have open.


Click on this tab.  The case is now closed and can be located in the Closed Plan section of aSAP.  The information is also saved in the Form 4092 end of year report in Reports icon in the menu bar.



I.               Closing out student referrals (making sure all cases all closed out)


Each student referral case must be closed out at the end of year and can be done by the school or district coordinator.  You cannot run a report of cases that have not been approved and closed.  As a courtesy, EDS will review your individual SAP cases at the end of May and let you know, if necessary, if there are still any open cases that need your attention.  You can actually find which cases are still open by clicking on the small calendar located in the upper left of the SAP team page. 


That calendar looks this:


 Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

When you click on the calendar you will see a list of SAP plans still open.  Each case will have the following tabs associated with them.:


Edit- sends them directly to PDE 4902.  Once there, you can complete the form and   close the case.

View- Opens the pdf document (the bubble sheet).  This only shows you the status of  the Form 4092 for this case.  If you need to make changes, go the Form 4092 tab on each case.

Approve and close- approves and closes without entering the document.  If you click this tab, the case will be closed and the information will be saved on Form 4092.


Once all cases are approved, you simply need to click ready to submit to the state for every school.


Once its ready to submit to the state, we will contact them and submit their                 information to the state.



I.               Running the End of Year Report(s)


As you know, Form 4092 must be submitted to the state at the end of each school year.  Our support team can help you with the upload if you have questions or we can upload it for you.

Image Placeholder

Find this icon in the menu bar Image Placeholder.  This is the Report icon.  Clicking on it will take you to page that has simple drop down tabs.  You can run end of year reports for each building or a district wide report. 


The report that is required can be created by completing these 3 tabs:


 Report/Graph Type

District Or School


When you complete, those 3 tabs, click on the Run Report tab.  Your computer will download an Excel spreadsheet with all the Form 4092 information.  You can submit this to the state.


If you choose to have the program run other reports, you can also create them by opening the other tabs in the Reports icon.


Simply, open these drop down tabs and choose the report that you want to run:

 Referral Source

Referral Reason

School Service Recommended

 Community Service Recommended

Don’t forget – you can let us handle the uploading of Form 4092 to the state.  Simply, let us know and we handle this.  Once the state accepts your report, we will then notify you via email. 

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