Is my submission complete after EDS sends it to the state?

If requested, EDS will submit all end-of-year 4092 forms to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The final step in the process requires a school official to allow the state to release the forms as well.

Your submission is not considered complete until it has been released by a representative from your school or school district. 

How to release your data

In order to release your data:
  1. Log in to the site —
  2. Select the SAP application
  3. Click the release tab
  4. Click the ‘Ready for Release’ link
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     5. Click the button ‘Release to PDE' button

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After clicking the Ready for Release link, you may see ‘View Errors.’  You will need to correct all listed issue before the data is released

You are now complete for the year.


If you are experiencing technical issue, please contact Jay Wasser at 814-243-3658.